Thermostar dry steam system – very high cleanliness …

With no other heat cleaner can you clean beds, upholstery, carpets and sofas as well as smooth surfaces in the kitchen, living room and office and also the interior of cars or surfaces in the garden
as cleanly and hygienically as with the Thermostar dry steam system. And you can do it for a lifetime!

… and environmental protection at the press of a button

This is because the compact Thermostar dry steam cleaner is not only the smallest steam cleaner in its class (8 bar and up to 174 °C of hot steam), but it also has a very long service life due to the award-winning workmanship. Due to the lifelong (!) repair guarantee, you also don’t have to ever buy another steam cleaner, which means you save not only a great deal of money, but you also protect the environment.

More about the benefits of the Thermostar dry steam system:

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