With high pressure against the allergy!

Everybody can see it as a yellow coating, people with allergies can feel it through oftentimes extremely uncomfortable symptoms: pollen is inbound everywhere. Normal dusting, be it inside or the windowsills outside, is exactly the wrong thing to do!

The almost weightless pollen gets stirred up and distributed even more, including your respiratory system. The better solution: Use the dry steam fromthe Thermostar nozzle to separate the pollen from the surface, wipe it up with the microf ... Read more »

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A true all-rounder!

Dirty, gray, covered with algae – terraces, balconies and outdoor stairs tend to look less than presentable after the winter. Fortunately, your Thermostar is a true all-rounder, indoors and out.

Its strong 6 bar high pressure dry steam removes loose and encrusted dirt quickly and effectively – from natural stone surfaces as well as from industrially manufactured stone floors. At the same time, the high steam temperature naturally prevents moss and other growths from attach ... Read more »

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Glass-ceramic cooktops

Nowadays, glass-ceramic cooktops can be found in many households. They look smart and stylish, and they’re easier to cook on than separate burners. But there is a major disadvantage:

glass-ceramics are, contrary to what the manufacturers say, quite delicate – and any kind of stain shows very prominently on the shiny surfaces. That’s why cleaning a glass-ceramic cooktop is far less elegant than its visual appearance. You have to soak, scrub, scrape and finally use an ... Read more »

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No matter if it’s a sofa or an armchair – upholstery needs to be cleaned from time to time to remove stains or freshen up the colors. Commercially available foam sprays bear some risks, though:

For one, they may affect the dyed fibers to the point that treated areas fade. Also, almost all of these cleaning agents need to be rubbed in manually, which drenches the fabric. All too often, the juice stain just gets replaced by an even bigger water stain this way. The multi-tale ... Read more »

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Thermostar – visibly better results

Spring is around the corner, but the gray haze left behind by this winter’s precipitation unpleasantly reminds us of the cold season. Windows, terrace doors, stairs, the outside of the front door and a lot more await a thorough spring cleaning.

For owners of a Thermostar, this task is no big deal. With this powerful dry steam appliance, spring cleaning is done more quickly than ever: it just takes a fraction of the time you would need using conventional cleaning methods. It also ... Read more »

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Advantages of dry steam

What exactly is the difference between a „normal“ steam cleaner and a dry steam system? The steam quality makes the difference. Water vaporizes at 100 °C, resulting in wet steam with a high moisture ratio – just like in a cooking pot.

That’s how conventional steam cleaners work and that’s why the treated surfaces are sopping wet afterwards. Another drawback: As soon as the steam comes in contact with the air, the temperature drops too much for it to h ... Read more »

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Range hood

If the metal filter in your range hood works properly, it gets dirty quickly and has to be cleaned regularly to maintain its performance. Manufacturers recommend putting it in the dishwasher, but that can’t completely get rid of the mix of grease and dust.

Some kitchen owners prefer tougher means like oven cleaner and a brush, but that’s neither healthy nor pleasant. It’s easier to clean the grease trap by firing up the Thermostar and blowing through the filter &ndas ... Read more »

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Cleaning the refrigerator?

Most people like to shelve this task because it’s tedious and difficult. It is important, however: Despite the low temperatures, the refrigerator compartment can be a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly in hard-to-reach corners and grooves.

And, the more ice accumulates in the freezer compartment, the more electricity it uses. Defrosting can take several hours and is a pretty wet affair. A hot tip for the fridge: Just clean it with the Thermostar. It may sound strange, bu ... Read more »

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Floor care

Dragging the bucket around, getting the mop, adding cleaning agent to the water, and then a lot of effort – that’s what floor care was like in the past. Our picture shows what it looks like today: The Thermostar’s floor care unit.

With its perfect design, it optimally applies the high-power steam to the floors. If needed, a microfiber cloth can be clipped on to absorb the lifted dirt. The extension pipe provides the right range to reach floor areas under furniture. A ... Read more »

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Cleaning the windows

Did you know that most accidents at home happen while cleaning the windows? Aside from the danger of falling, window cleaning is one of the least favorite household chores, period.

According to a recent survey, only 2% of Germans enjoy cleaning windows. The remaining 98% have to reach, spray and wipe away streaks anyway. Except if they have a Thermostar at home. In that case, a short swipe with the dry steam nozzle and a quick wipe with the microfiber cloth is all you need. A square m ... Read more »

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