Thermostar and children

Descalers, toilet cleaners, oven cleaners: There are chemicals in every household that can become a threat for children. The reason: Kids mistake the colorful containers for toys or juice bottles. The younger the child and the more brightly colored the packaging, the higher the danger of poisoning and chemical burn.

We’re not talking about isolated cases here: 90 percent of all poisoning accidents in Germany involve children between ten months and four years old. This proves&nbs ... Read more »

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Terrace floors and outdoor steps

Do you get those unsightly green discolorations on your stone terrace floors and outdoor steps, too? It’s a typical sign for advanced algae infestation. Shady areas are affected the most, and mosses also like those areas. Both kinds of coverings are hard to fight. They’re not only visually displeasing, they’re actually dangerous: They get smeary when wet, creating a high risk of slipping.

Here’s our legal tip concerning algae removal: It is, contrary to common ... Read more »

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A stainless steel boiler, an integrated fan to cool the electronics…

A stainless steel boiler, an integrated fan to cool the electronics, a self-descaling heating element and float gauge – it’s no wonder that the Thermostar dry steam system’s extreme durability is outstanding. But it gets even better: It comes with a lifetime repair warranty! No matter how high the cost of a repair really is – you will never pay more than 10% of your unit’s current sales price. At any time, even after many years. This makes the Thermostar a safe i ... Read more »

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Part of the Thermostar range of accessories are special microfiber cloths

Part of the Thermostar range of accessories are special microfiber cloths which can be used to wipe up loosened dirt or to polish surfaces. But what’s the difference between these and the ones you can get at the discounter? The answer is simple: the quality.

Strands of homogenous polymers are usually used for the production of microfiber – whether it’s high-quality or cheap. The way these are processed is the deciding factor for the performance of the finished cloth: ... Read more »

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The summer barbecue season is coming to an end now.

Time to remove the remnants of the summer’s delicacies from the grill – especially if it is a high-end model that you would like to keep using next year. Thorough but gentle removal of oil, meat and coal residue prevents damage to the metal and the formation of rust. Highly aggressive cleaning sprays and so-called “special brushes” are commonly used for ... Read more »

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Thermostar dry steam system – very high cleanliness …

With no other heat cleaner can you clean beds, upholstery, carpets and sofas as well as smooth surfaces in the kitchen, living room and office and also the interior of cars or surfaces in the garden
as cleanly and hygienically as with the Thermostar dry steam system. And you can do it for a lifetime!

… and environmental protection at the press of a button

This is because the compact Therm ... Read more »

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