Big performance in small areas!

Big performance in small areas: The Thermostar’s precise steam jet easily cleans even those spots that sponges and brushes have a hard time reaching. A few examples: The hinges of the dishwasher door are almost inaccessible with normal means, which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. Espresso makers also have numerous nooks and crannies that accumulate permanent encrustations of dirt – particularly in the drip pan. The bases of faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are anothe ... Read more »

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Say "goodbye" to chemicals!

It takes strong chemicals to get rid of ugly lime buildups – at least that’s what their advertising suggests. If you believe these claims, you’ll buy cleaners that look aggressive just by their packaging design. And they are – particularly for the environment. But there is an eco-friendly alternative: The Thermostar also fights buildups aggressively, but not with highly toxic chemicals. Instead, it just uses 6 powerful bars of pressure and dry steam. Our bet: This meth ... Read more »

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Where there is running water, there will be limescale. In the toilet, on the sides of the bathtub, on fixtures and shower heads – that’s where an almost rock-hard layer of scale can form particularly quickly. Scrubbing those delicate surfaces is a no-no, and so are aggressive cleaners for anybody who cherishes their health and the environment. Many of our clients only believe it when they see it with their own eyes: The Thermostar is the most effective descaler imaginable. 6 power ... Read more »

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Wood stoves are getting more and more popular: They create a cozy atmosphere and help to heat the house cost-efficiently. To assure a neat appearance and safe operation, they should be cleaned regularly – wood oven owners are actually legally obligated to do so, as the chimney sweep is only responsible for the exhaust system itself.

Here are our Thermostar tips:

  • The glass front can be cleaned perfectly and effortlessly with the Thermostar. The high-pressure dry st ... Read more »

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Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are characterized by their interesting – and beautiful – mix of materials: Elegant stainless steel appliances, precious granite countertops, impressive hardwood surfaces, shiny designer fixtures and Mediterranean terra cotta floors shape the current kitchen style. Of course, using a conventional cleaning agent for all this isn’t sufficient – the industry has special chemical cleaners on offer, “perfectly suited” for each one of those materia ... Read more »

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The germ-killing high temperature

There are secret germ forests in every household – of all things, in the kitchen, where food is prepared. Who cleans their containers for trash and biodegradable waste as often as they should? Even the use of garbage bags doesn’t prevent them from being colonized by invisible pathogens and mold spores – because they offer the perfect environment: Constant temperatures, ideal levels of humidity and minimal disturbance due to cleaning. Make the comparison yourself: How often y ... Read more »

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Benefits of dry steam

Strict hygiene is imperative for laboratories, dentists and medical doctors. It’s often difficult to achieve the necessary high standard as many equipment parts are hard to clean manually. Some common examples: The rollers on mobile equipment, tool and preparation holders, drawers, handles and much more. That’s why the Thermostar is an indispensable assistant for doctors and laboratories. It cleans small, filigree parts just as perfectly as big surfaces. With its high steam temper ... Read more »

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Cleaning perfection

During the development of the Thermostar, quality and functionality weren’t the only considerations. The design was, too – after all, a perfectly designed appliance is just more enjoyable to use. The elegant, but extremely robust stainless steel body is easy on the eye, and the pleasant feel of the ergonomically shaped accessories make them always fun to work with. And let’s not forget the acoustics – for instance the solid “Click” you hear when the hose lo ... Read more »

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Self-descaling technology

The Thermostar is self-descaling. What sounds so simple is actually intelligent technology – and very advantageous for you. Conventional steam cleaners have to be descaled regularly. This requires an aggressive chemical, the remains of which are extremely difficult to completely get rid of by flushing the device. Residue is often left in the tank or on moving parts like the float gauge. During the next use, floors, upholstery, carpets etc. are “vapor coated” with descaling a ... Read more »

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Shutters and roller blinds

Shutters and roller blinds tend to be hard to clean. Using conventional techniques, you have to work on one slat at a time, and the dirt between them is extremely difficult to get to. High-pressure dry steam comes to the rescue: With the Thermostar steam lance, slats, frames and tracks are cleaned effortlessly. Thanks to the high pressure, even residue between the individual parts is removed instantly. This ensures that roller blinds stay functional – and folding shutters turn into the ... Read more »

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