Thermostar dry steam system – very high cleanliness …

… and environmental protection at the press of a button

With no other steam cleaner can you clean beds, upholstery, carpets and sofas as well as smooth surfaces in the kitchen, living room and office and also the interior of cars or surfaces in the garden
as cleanly and hygienically as with the Thermostar dry steam system. And you can do it for a lifetime!

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Thermostar stays right on course!

When movement is necessary, the Thermostar stays right on course. Four stable swivel casters make for effortless turning in every direction and easy movement across the floor.

Even on delicate floors, like parquet, scratch-free operation is guaranteed. The rounded casing has no hard edges, which allows it to gently glide around corners and along furniture, if necessary – without banging into or getting caught on anything.

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Wood stoves are getting more and more popular.

Wood stove create a cozy atmosphere and help to heat the house cost-efficiently. To assure a neat appearance and safe operation, they should be cleaned regularly – wood oven owners are actually legally obligated to do so, as the chimney sweep is only responsible for the exhaust system itself. Here are our Thermostar tips:

The glass front can be cleaned perfectly and effortlessly with the Thermostar. The high-pressure dry steam removes encrusted ashes in no time. The casing ... Read more »

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Everybody is talking about saving water.

Thermostar will show you how – because water is one of our most valuable resources. With just one liter of water, the Thermostar can clean a 120 square metres house from top to bottom – thoroughly and hygienically.

A “normal” cleaning with rags and bucket uses at least 20 litres, as you have to change the water several times. This amount of waste water, charged with chemical cleaning agents, seriously pollutes the environment. In contrast, the amount of waste w ... Read more »

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Sophisticated Thermostar technology

The sophisticated Thermostar technology offers you the advantages of constant heat and high performance: The cleaning temperature stays consistent, no matter whether you’re using minimum or maximum steam.

As a result, a majority of cleaning tasks around the house can be done at minimum steam (and minimum moisture), protecting materials like wood and textiles. Maximum steam is only required for jobs that require more pressure to remove the dirt, like cleaning hard-to-reach places ... Read more »

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Cleaning the heating

During the winter, radiators turn into dust magnets and unhealthy dust throwers at the same time. And they’re difficult to clean:

No matter whether they’re modern smooth-surfaced radiators or traditional multi-section ones – dust always finds a good hiding place to collect and concentrate in. Inner fins for example are almost impossible to clean with conventional methods. With the Thermostar, it’s a matter of seconds! It blows the dust away with high pressure a ... Read more »

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A technical masterpiece

In many households, steam cleaners lead a lonely existence: Purchased for a lot of money but rarely used. What looked good in the store often turns out to be a bad bargain. The reason is mostly the performance:

Smaller appliances are easy to handle, but they generate to little heat and steam pressure to deliver even a semi-acceptable cleaning result. Bigger appliances provide sufficient pressure, but they require big heating elements in an accordingly voluminous casing to do so. That ... Read more »

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Window cleaning made easy

Did you know that most accidents at home happen while cleaning the windows? Aside from the danger of falling, window cleaning is one of the least favorite household chores, period.

According to a recent survey, only 2% of Germans enjoy cleaning windows. The remaining 98% have to reach, spray and wipe away streaks anyway. Except if they have a Thermostar at home. In that case, a short swipe with the dry steam nozzle and a quick wipe with the microfiber cloth is all you need. A square m ... Read more »

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Barbecues as it should be!

In this wonderful weather, grills are being fired up. But for many, cleaning those grills means working up a sweat. Burnt-in residue has to be removed from the grill regularly, and the outside has to be degreased.

Expensive chemicals are available for these tasks, but they don’t save the barbecue fan from having to do all the scrubbing. The Thermostar has two perfectly suited tools for such cleaning jobs: a robust steel brush attachment and 6 bars of high-pressure dry steam. Wit ... Read more »

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Claiming high quality is easy.

We at Thermostar would rather prove it – with appliances that are convincing down to the last detail, over a long time and many years. The steam cleaner itself, for instance, is made of stainless steel and is extremely robust.

All attachments, like the hose and the steam lance, are also designed to hold up to extreme stresses and strains: They’re made of an especially resilient plastic. It’s not a problem to step on the hose or drop the steam lance onto a hard floor ... Read more »

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