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Q1:Why Thermostar?
A1: Thermostar Professional is a cost effective method, gives you daily cleanliness, saves on chemicals and you spend less time on cleaning.

German product. Quality. Reliability. Servicing. Training programme. PMA. Long lifetime. 10 years factory* warranty. No detergant and soap required. Saves up to 20% labour time

Q2:What are the benefits of micro steam in Thermostar?
A2: Industrial power in a small body, cleans effectively with no efforts.

Pays attention to the details, reaches „bottlenecks“ areas that are extremely difficult to clean. The steam produced through the high temperature is very dry and is also suited very well for the cleaning of textiles, like beds, carpets and upholstered furniture. The textiles do not become wet, cannot burn and no moisture stains stay behind. Also, the impregnation is preserved in spite of the application of the steam cleaner. One also receives a deep cleaning that greatly reduces the number of mites, which is very practical, above all for allergy sufferers and their health. Through the use of the high temperature, the Thermostar manages to kill germs and bacteria, to remove greases easily and simply and to clean rough as well as smooth surfaces hygienically. The cleaning is done only through water vapour thanks to the steam cleaner. You need no chemicals, no cleaning products, and you clean in a cheap, healthy and environmentally-friendly way! You can read more about Thermostar advantages here.

Q3:What is the size of Thermostar?
A3: Smaill size, fits any kitchen

Approximately 0.19m x 0.33m x 0.23m

Q4:Did you or do you think of changing your chemical supplier?
Q5:Only water?
A5: Thermostar is registered with water efficient technology list, saves water

Yes you fill Thermostar with just tap water, no matter hot or cold and the cleaning is done exclusively with hot water steam so you can save on expensive cleaning agents.

Q6:What happens to the limescale in the machine?
A6: Thermostar cleans itself.

The heating element itself is not in direct contact with the water. It is sheathed with a special alloy and therefore has maximum heat performance. Another feature of the Thermostar heating element is that it expands with rising temperature. This has the result that the limescale coating formed on the heating element drops off. We can call our heating element “self decalcifying”. Moreover, a longer service life can thereby be achieved. The Thermostar steam boiler guarantees simple replacement of the heating element. Thus not the entire steam boiler must be replaced in case of a possible defect.

Q7:What can you clean with Thermostar? Where can I use Thermostar?
A7: Basically - everything!

Drain cleaning, cleaning fixtures and removing calcium, exterior car cleaning, interior car cleaning (fabric and leather), oven, exhaust hood, shower stall and wall tiles, bicycles and motorcycles, window frames and shutters, removing stains from fabrics and carpets, tiles and PVC, joints, garden furniture (plastic and rattan), glass cleaning, polished wooden surfaces, wooden furniture, radiator, kitchen grease on cooktops and various metal surfaces, venetial blinds, cork (sealed), laminates and parquet floors, leather mattresses, upholstery, carpets, plants, bathrooms and sanitary equipment, watchbands and jewellery, animal cages, toilet, metal grates and any areas hard to reach. Basically - everything! All these and even more applications and uses of Thermostar you can see in our demo, when we come to you or you can read more about it in the user's guide. In the dining area you can also use room fresh up attachment by putting tea, spices or aroma oils inside the attachment.

Q8:How long can you use Thermostar for?
A8: 24/7

Suitability for continuous operation 24/7 (24 hours – 7 days per week), continuous steam and through the technology it needs almost no maintenance works. Also the Thermostar Dry steam cleaner offers a very reliable protection system. The Thermostar offers an integrated operating hour counter, as well as a self-controlling temperature display. Special elastic sleeves in the water pump extend the service life of the valves.

Q9:How big is the water tank of a Thermostar unit?
A9: 2 Lt
Q10:How heavy is Thermostar?
A10: 9.5 kg with empty water tank.
Q11:Should I empty the water after I finished using Thermostar?
A11: No!

We advice only to wipe the machine at the end of the use to keep it nice and shiny.

Q12:How long does the water last?
A12: Roughly 30 minutes.

Depends on power mode used. Full water tank would approximately last you for about 30 minutes.

Q13:How long should I wait after I add water to the Thermostar? How long it takes to heat up this water?
A13: No need to wait!

You can refill it while heated up – without turning it off or having it cool down. This is made possible by the intelligent double-tank system. A cold water storage tank with a generous capacity of two litres sits in front of the boiler which can be opened safely and refilled at any time.

Q14:How can I order additional brushes?

Online or email with your request. Our warehouse is in London.

Q15:What if something happens to Themostar?

Simply send an enquiry to or call service number.

Q16:How can I get a Thermostar?

Send enquiry or purchase order to

* - 10 years factory warranty on the boiler

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