Products for lifetime

Never again another steam cleaner

Buy smart – Thermostar dry steam systems: never again will you need another steam cleaner and you can therefore save a lot of money and spare the environment! The system is available in 3 different versions. Therefore you can select the version suitable for you according to your requirements. Thus the optimum solution is available for everybody. Because – no matter whether Classic, Avantgarde or Professional - Thermostar Dry steam cleaners are products for life:

  • Stainless steel boiler (10-year Warranty!)
  • Integrated fan for cooling the electronics
  • Self-decalcifying heating rod (expansion with temperature increase leads to the lime deposits dropping off)
  • Self-decalcifying electric-mechanical float (with True Temp technology for continuously high steam temperature)

The Thermostar is a dry steam cleaner, which has the technology of professional commercial appliances and – on account of the compact size – can also be used in the home. The cleaning is done exclusively with hot water steam so you can save on expensive cleaning agents.

With your steam cleaner, carefree and at low cost, you can bring all areas in the household to a mirror finish and deep clean them for years, and even more, quickly and easily. You have already owned the cleaner for some years and suddenly a repair is necessary? No problem thanks to the Restoration Warranty. No matter after how many years, this protects you against the costs of a new purchase and this is also lifelong!

For the sake of the environment

However, with the purchase of a Thermostar Dry steam system, you also make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment. Because Thermostar means: Buy only once, dispose of only once. And hygienic cleanliness without cleaning products and/or chemicals! The use of the Thermostar represents a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional steam cleaners.

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