Dry Steam Products

From a home steam cleaner to a professional unit

The Thermostar dry steam cleaner is available in two variations: Thermostar Avantgarde and Thermostar Professional.

Thermostar Avantgarde

The basic version with all the advantages of Thermostar technology – stainless steel boiler, integrated fan, self-decalcifying float and self-decalcifying immersion heater – as well as a single chamber system. With a dual chamber system: Longer operating time without having to refill with water.

Specification for Thermostar Avantgarde

Thermostar Professional

The professional steam cleaner for the home: With water pressure of up to 8 bar and steam temperature of more than 190 °C, the Thermostar Professional ensures highly hygienic cleanliness.

Specification for Thermostar Proffesional

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